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A PPT slide that summarizes the Evolution of PASS over the 35 years through our clients, countries and industries.


"What PASS represents is a constructive and participatory process which I regard as essential to improving everything in an operation - Employee Relations, Safety and Everything else."

Don S. Carruthers

Retired Group Executive, Rio Tinto, Keynote Speaker at the International PASS Symposium, Brisbane OLD

PASS Inc. encourages an open exchange of ideas, strategies and approaches among our diverse number and types of clients. The process material is dynamic and "live" and, therefore, consistently evolving to make it more beneficial to the PASS clients. Our material is constantly being updated and these improvements are provided to the PASS clients electronicallyfor easy modification and dissemination on site. It is not uncommon for our clients to visit each other sites to gain insights into the PASS process and its implementation.


The first international PASS Symposium was held in Brisbane, Australia in 1995. Papers were presented (given by various presenters who ranged from "shop floor" employees to "board of directors" members) and workshops conducted. All attendees had one thing in common: their respect for this practical and useful process that assists their operations in establishing and maintaining a positive Safety Climate, which is continuously improving Safety.




Numerous Underground, Open-Pit and Open-Cut mines; and Tunneling located in Canada, Australia, USA, Indonesia, New Zealand, Spain, Argentina and Ireland. Some of our major clients are:  Rio Tinto (CRA) 25 Sites, Glencore (Xstrata) 19 sites, New Gold, Ciner (OCI), Hudbay Minerals 6 sites (Manitoba & Peru), Vedanta, Fission Uranium, Newmont, Cleveland Cliffs, BHP Billiton 21 Operations, Barrick Gold, WMC, Cominco and Queenstake Gold. Jim Burns has personally implemented PASS 114 Sites/Operations (over 35,000 people) which includes 45 Underground Operations, 16 Shafts & Ramps, 14 Open Pits and 27 Construction Projects.



Cementation USA & Canada, Redpath (Australia), Mastemyne, Henry Walker Eltin Contract Mining & Civil, KMC Mining, Peabody Mining Services and Brandrill Ltd.,  Atlas Copco, Tamrock, Procon Mining & Tunnelling Ltd., Dynatec, Dumas and Redpath (Canada), Macmahon, FACE, AMC, FKA (Frontier-Kemper Aecon JV), Rio Tinto T2 Project, Galena Mine Pr,etivm's Brucejack Mine and Procon Contractors at Brucejack Mine


Finning Canada (Caterpillar), Transwest, Tire Tech and Kingland Ford and Sandvik-Tamrock.


Transfield, United Construction, Hatch, Bechtel, Ausenco, SKM, Thiess, Stork, ABI Group, SLS Survey & Mapping, ABB-EPT, Pizzey-Pioneer Concrete, Goldings and Frankipile. Ekati Construction Alliance (ECA): consists of the following companies: Clark Builders and Nahanni Construction (Clark Builders acting as Construction Manager); Mechanical Alliance members include Adco North, Hay River Mechanical, and J.S.L. Mechanical and Electrical services are provided by JT/Ryfan Industrial Group, Adco North, and GAP Electric.


ESS, NANA/Marriott, Minenco, SODEXHO, Tli Cho (DOMCO) Ltd. and Nuna Logistics. 





Several offshore facilities (FPSOs) and gas plants located in Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Our major clients were BHP Petroleum, Premier Oil and Gulf Resources Australia.  Jim Burns was the Organizational Improvement Consultant (Prodcutivity Manager) with Suncor (Sun Oil) in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.



Numerous construction sites, Projects:  Kemano T2 (Rio Tinto), Holden Mine Remediation Project  (Rio Tinto); Patterson Lake South Exploration Project (Fission Uranium); Pumpkin Hollow, Eagle Mine, Bingham Canyon Mine;  Lucky Friday Shaft Project; Resolution Copper Shaft,  (all Cementation USA);  Toten Shaft, Nickel Rim South Project, Coleman Shaft, Diavik Ramp  (all Cementation Canada), Hail Creek Coal Mine and Hail Creek Coal Expansion; Clermont Coal Construction,  Comalco's Gladston Smetler Expansion; Rio Tinto/Pasminco's Century Mine (both with Bechtel as the principle contractor); Rio Tinto's Peak Gold Mine was the first construction and greenfields mining site to use PASS and HIsmelt (CRA & Kobe Steel) was the first non-mining construction and greensfield site. 



Numerous Stevedoring, Distribution, Warehousing and Railroad operations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Major clients are BHP Transport & Tranz Link.



Our clients, BHP Steel (several sites in Australia and New Zealand), Slag Reduction, Harsco's Heckett MultiServ, Comalco's Southern Aluminum Wheel Plant in Tasmania and HIsmelt (joint venture between CRA & Kobe Steel) located in Perth, Australia.



In New Zealand, we worked with Carter Hold Harvey, Forest Fibre Solutions and with over 80 crews managed by their "Key Suppliers."  Carter Holt Harvey is owned by International Paper of the USA.  In addition, we have worked with Lakeland Cable Logging who cut logs for Fletcher Challenge Forests, Rayonier NZ, NZ Forest Managers, Blakely Pacific. We have implemented PASS in Fletcher Challenge Forests Wood processing plant in the Bay of Plenty and Thames Timber both in New Zealand.

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