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Next PASS Masters’ Practitioner ’s Course:
October  2022

Taught by Jim Burns, creator and founder of PASS Inc., in a storytelling style with focus on the role of Safety Leadership, Decision Making, the new concept of SupLex® and the enhancement to the PASS components (PASS 2.0). In addition, Bob Marsh, PASS Inc. special advisor, will also be on hand to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Visit the PMC page on this website for further information.

This Four-Day PASS Masters’ Practitioner’s Course is designed to provide PASS client organizations and practitioners with Internal Expertise and Independence that will allow them to Coach and Support the components of PASS. This advanced course explores all of the PASS Components and how these Components are implemented and established in order to improve the client’s Safety Culture. The Practitioner’s course encompasses all the PASS training courses and spends time on the Psychological Foundations of PASS and the Role of the Internal Consultant. ‘New clients’ will find this course invaluable in implementing the PASS System and our ‘mature clients’ will find it to be an essential part of establishing and embedding PASS within their organization. One of the goals for participants is to develop an action plan to enhance PASS and improve the roles of key personnel in supporting the PASS System during all three stages of its implementation.

We are proud to announce a very successful 20th PASS Masters’ Course! Since 2005, over 250 participants from seven countries have benefitted from this course. We are happy to publicize our next PASS Masters’ Practitioner’s Course (October 2019) in Kelowna at the lovely Hotel Eldorado and Manteo Resort.  Our plan is to hold the course, once again, at the Manteo Resort’s Library for the training. The Manteo Resort was recently purchased by the Eldorado so it opens up a larger variety of training rooms, hotel rooms and restaurants, and obviously both are located on Lake Okanagan. Click on the buttons for the links for the City of Kelowna and the Hotel Eldorado Websites. When: October 27-39 2020; this is a 4-day course (Monday evening - until Friday late afternoon).  Candidates should arrive Monday (Octber 26),  in time to attend the 6pm Welcome Reception (Drinks & Appetizers), to meet the PASS Staff and fellow participants.

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Great PASS Masters' Practitioners Course with 12 people from Six different Operations in Canada, USA and Mexico!

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Our 20th PASS Masters' Course October 2018

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Manteo Resort Waterfront Hotel & Villas

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