Gaining the attention of the Miners through a Proactive Safety Culture of
Continuous Improvement


Assists organizations to create a Positive and Proactive Safety Culture of Continuous Improvement

 SupLex   Safety Culture   




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All the Consulting Services regarding PASS

were developed, delivered and owned by

J.S. Burns Consulting Services (a Sole Proprietorship) until December 15, 1993.  On that day, Positive Attitude Safety System Inc. (PASS Inc.), which is a Federally Incorporated Company of Canada (Incorporated on October 27, 1993), purchased all Intellectual Property, Materials and Goodwill associated with the “work and system” of Positive Attitude Safety System from J.S. Burns Consulting Services.


We are very proud that over 90,000 workers and their families have benefited from

the PASS System for 35 years!

In 1985, Jim Burns, the Founder and President of PASS Inc., introduced a basic prototype of what was to evolve into the Positive Attitude Safety System (PASS) to Cominco’s Sullivan Mine. This early version achieved significant results and in the early 1990’s was refined into the Positive Attitude Safety System complete with all key process components and coupled with Jim Burns’ unique implementation approach.  However, PASS is also a collaborative process; thus it continues to improve and evolve with innovations from both our clients and consultants.  

The PASS Safety Leadership Process is based on the concepts of Learned Helplessness, Positive Reinforcement and Intervention Therapy, which Jim Burns studied at the Universities of Victoria and Calgary and later utilized in the fields of counselling and corrections. 

For more than 25 years, Jim Burns and his

colleagues have been working in hundreds

of Natural Resource Operations and other

organizations throughout the world and

have Offices in Canada, Australia,

New Zealand, and Chile.

 SupLex   Safety Culture   



“SupLex® is a series of Decisions and Actions which are initiated by a person who has a Positive Attitude to constantly make things Safer.”

A worker’s SupLex® Attitude is evident when the workers come to work everyday with the objective, “I am going to make it safer for myself; my fellow workers; and/or leave it safer for my cross shift.”


A SupLex® Safety Culture an organization which has sufficient personnel with SupLex® Attitudes and has their ‘Work Teams’ identify Safety Improvements.  Every shift, their teams complete, or make progress on, at least one safety improvement.

As a result of the SupLex® Mindset, every member of the organization looks for any opportunity to embrace the principles of Continuous Improvement in order to make their workplace Safer. This progressive Safety Mindset will go beyond the work site, into their Homes and Communities; therefore, benefiting their Families and Neighbours.

PDF of the Quick

Summary of PASS

Next PASS Masters’ Practitioner ’s Course:
Fall of 2021(if COVID Restrictions allow)

Taught by Jim Burns, creator and founder of PASS Inc., in a storytelling style with a focus on the role of Safety Leadership, Decision Making, the new concept of SupLex® and the enhancement to the PASS components (PASS 2.0). Visit the PMC page on this website for further information.

We are proud to announce a very successful 20th PASS Masters’ Course! Since 2005, over 250 participants from seven countries have benefitted from this course. We are happy to publicize our next PASS Masters’ Practitioner’s Course (October 2020) in Kelowna at the lovely Hotel Eldorado and Manteo Resort.  Our plan is to hold the course, once again, at the Manteo Resort’s Library for the training. The Manteo Resort was recently purchased by the Eldorado so it opens up a larger variety of training rooms, hotel rooms and restaurants, and obviously both are located on Lake Okanagan. Click on the buttons for the links for the City of Kelowna and the Hotel Eldorado Websites. When: October 2021; this is a 4-day course (Monday evening - until Friday late afternoon).  Candidates should arrive Monday, in time to attend the 6pm Welcome Reception (Drinks & Appetizers), to meet the PASS Staff and fellow participants.

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Our 20th PASS Masters' Course October 2018

Great PASS Masters' Practitioners Course with 12 people from Six different Operations in Canada, USA and Mexico!

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PASS Leaders' Courses

Due to COVID 19 travel is restrictions, PASS has now offering 3 Day PASS Leaders Courses,

in Kelowna BC, for new clients who have the internal Capabilities and Leadership

to implement or refresh the PASS Basic Components.

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First PASS Leaders' Course - Pretivm
Second PASS Leaders' Course - Pretivm
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Fourth PASS Leaders' Course - Procon
IMG_0697 (2).JPG
Third PASS Leaders' Course - Procon
IMG_0436 (2).JPG
Fifth PASS Leaders' Course - Pretivm

I present five 3 day PASS Leaders' Courses, for Pretivm's Brucejack Mine and Procon Contractors at the Brucejack mine.  I have was so impressed by the participants, openness to the PASS concepts and components. Also, the discussions and questions were great and the overall group dynamics and attitudes were fun and top-quality. Thanks to everyone for making this an enjoyable experience.  We have had to postpone the next courses to 2021, due to further COVID 19 travel restrictions.

We are happy to welcome Pretivm's Brucejack Mine and Procon Contractors at Brucejack to the PASS family and they are the 117 and 118 clients of Jim Burns.  Jim has provided 22 Advanced PASS Courses in Kelowna and one course was in Brisbane, QLD.   PASS is providing consulting services and PASS training Courses in Kelowna or by Zoom if appropriate.



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