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New Gold New Afton: 2 Million Hours LTA Free

Since 2008, the project phase of building the underground New Afton Mine, at New Gold's operation in Kamloops, BC, the PASS Process has been an integral part of everyone onsite daily routine.

Along with experience, their enthusiastic involvement in the process and thirst for new and better methods and approaches for creating a positive and employee involvement Safety Culture (SupLex®™). This was celebrated recently in their milestone of achieving over 1 million hours LTA free, a significant and impressive record for any organization.

Recently we began advanced level training for both workers and staff to continue developing a strong foundation and drive the PASS system. This has included significant number of Key Personnel attending and participating in the PASS Masters course. These participants were selected from all levels and areas, to explore and progress the PASS process to the “Ownership” phase. This included customizing and integrating the system to meet their needs and objectives.


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