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Hudbay Minerals Constancia Project: Implementation of PASS

On the heels of success (Safety culture and their statistics) with PASS at Hudbay Minerals Canadian operations, we have recently begun implementing our process in Peru with their Constancia Copper Project ($1.5B).

This is a large implementation with over 3,000 employees, contractors and staff onsite and synergies will be created by developing a common Safety language and process Hudbay’s organization internationally.

In addition to developing a Positive Safety Culture onsite, the PASS Huddles will assist in the transfer of safety skills and experience among their employees at the shop floor level. Obviously, all the PASS Learning’s will be shared among their various operations/projects. Constancia is on track to becoming fully operational in 2015 and we look forward to achieving world class results in Safety.

This project will be serviced out of one of our international offices (Santiago, Chile) and PASS consulting will be provided by Jaime Gutiérrez, PASS Consultant and Vic Seedwell, License Owner and MD for Indonesia, Argentina, Peru & Chile.


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