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Cementation USA: One Million Man Hours without a Lost Time

In March of this year Cementation USA passed a significant milestone, One Million Man Hours without a Lost Time Injury. Starting in 2006 with the Resolution Copper Project in Arizona, Cementation has worked very hard to establish a Positive Safety Culture throughout all of their USA projects. This has been demonstrated by the numerous awards and accolades they have achieved over the last few years including the Sentinels of Safety (Rio Tinto’s Resolution Copper Project).

Their commitment to the PASS Process has been shown by their daily participation and development of the PASS components onsite. Plus their utilization of the PASS Masters course to train key personnel as internal specialists for their projects. Clearly, Safety through Leadership has become an integral way of doing business and is a way of life for both workers and staff onsite.

We would like to congratulate everyone at Cementation USA for achieving this remarkable milestone of One Million Man Hours without a Lost Time.

Please click here for the full release from Mike Nadon, President of Cementation USA.


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