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The 36th International Conference of Safety in Mining Research Institutions

Presentation by Jim Burns

Harmonizing Traditional Safety Systems with an Attitudinal Approach Creating a Positive Safety Culture of Continuous Improvement October 2015 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Since 1985, Jim Burns has been consulting with numerous organizations to implement and establish his positive and proactive system that focuses on Safety Decision-Making and Attitudes. He and his associates have worked with the world’s largest mining companies and have been consulting with many of the world’s most successful mining projects. This safety system, Positive Attitude Safety System (PASS), is based on psychological philosophies which are distilled into a concept called SupLex®™. Jim Burns will discuss the principles and benefits of complimenting the external behavioural approach with one of a cognitive nature which is often referred to as the ‘hearts and minds.’ He will explain the importance of understanding that Behaviors are a consequence of Decision-Making; therefore, we must spend more time concentrating on this cognitive process. In addition, he will briefly discuss the differences between Choice and Decision-Making and how organizations fail to understand the impact of these differences. Once this concept is clearly understood and reinforced by line management, then the organization progresses to the “Attitudinal Stage” of safety. Our client’s goals are to have each and every employee come to work with the attitude: I am going to make it Safer for myself, my fellow employees and leave it Safer for my cross-shift. When this is properly established and supported by line-management, the result will be continuous improvement in Safety. Just as significant, this improved safety attitude will benefit the employees not only at work but also in their homes and communities. Plus, he will discuss the importance of ‘continuity of thinking’ regarding how crews rate and record their safety each shift; and the role of management in shaping and supporting these Safety improvements.

Jim Burns,

President and Safety Architect Positive Attitude Safety System Inc.


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