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Our Unique Concept of a Safety Culture

The integration of all PASS components, through Safety Leadership, develops alignment across, up and down the organization. PASS is an employee-involvement vehicle that clearly demonstrates our Core Value of Safety. When the PASS components and philosophies are integrated into an organization, we have now established a culture that has evolved into what we call SupLex®™.

SupLex®™ is a unique Leadership Approach for developing and establishing a Safety Culture where the employees focus on their Decision Making and their Attitudes towards Safety. This safety culture of Continuous Improvement results in employees improving safety for themselves, their co-workers and their cross-shift.

SupLex®™ cultures not only achieve world-class safety results but the members of the organization inevitably transfer these Safety Attitudes to their activities at home and in their communities. In this way, the benefits of SupLex®™ will extend beyond their work environment and will improve Safety for their family, neighbours and community.

The historical origin of the phrase, “Salus Populi Suprema Lex,” is a moral absolute from the great Roman politician Marcus Cicero (106-43 BC), meaning:

"The Safety of the People is the Highest Law"

In Latin, this is condensed to Suprema Lex, and PASS Inc. has shortened it to... SupLex®™

Also, SupLex®™ is an acronym for Safety Leadership.

Jim Burns, Creator of PASS and Founder of PASS Inc.


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