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PASS Inc. is Pleased to Announce a New Company for providing PASS Consulting Services for Australia

PASS Consulting Services Australia Pty. Ltd. (ACN 146 343 633)


Jim Burns, the Creator of the Positive Attitude Safety System and the Founder of PASS Inc., is pleased to announce that PASS Inc. has granted a License to PASS Consulting Services Australia Pty. Ltd. (PCSA) to provide PASS consulting services in Australia.

This is an exciting time for PASS Inc. as Jim Burns, Chief Operating Officer of PCSA, is enjoying implementing and establishing the comprehensive PASS System in Australia. Jim is constantly refining and developing the components of PASS plus designing new implementation approaches. One of these courses is the PASS Masters’ Course, and he is excited to be offering the PASS Masters’ Course in Australia in September. This course builds internal PASS expertise for our clients, resulting in greater benefits from PASS, both on the shop floor and in line-management, and more rapid organizational-ownership in the PASS System. Jim has been conducting this PASS Masters’ Course in Canada biannually since 2005 with over 200 key personnel joining him from our client sites across North America and around the world.

Jim has been implementing PASS in Australia for over 20 years, starting, at Peak Gold Mines in Cobar, NSW in 1991. Since then, he has been personally and continuously implementing PASS in various mining operations and construction projects throughout Australia. In addition to his Australian PASS clients, Jim has implemented and established PASS in numerous operations in Canada, New Zealand and the USA.


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