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Corporate Social Responsibility

PASS is engaged in a number of worthwhile projects, supporting organizations and individuals which share the core values of PASS

PASS Inc. is proud to become a sponsor of the Materi Girls Center located in Meru, Kenya, East Africa (PO Box 194 Meru, Kenya). The founders of PASS Inc., Jim and Claire Burns have been personally sponsoring students at the school for over 25 years. They feel privileged to have been associated with the Center and the director, Brother John Koczka, SC, a Brother of the Sacred Heart.

In 1973, Brother John Koczka wanted to help a handful of girls get enough food to eat so they could stay awake in school. Today, his project, the Materi Girls' Center in Meru, Kenya is changing the lives of 500 school aged children. In addition to programs in formal and informal education, medical care, nutrition, food production, dairy farming and general community development, the center also runs an outreach program helping over 600 undernourished children with Nutrition Clinics and a Mobile Medical Unit. There are also related programs for infants and adults.

Before the center was established there was a 30% child mortality rate in the region. This has been cut to under 6% for the targeted infants, thanks to an outreach clinic run by Kenyan women. The center also dispenses medical supplies to the community.


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