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Jim Burns studied psychology for six years at the Universities of Calgary and Victoria and did his post-graduate work in Consulting Psychology specializing in Learned Helplessness, has taught university-level management courses and has presented numerous papers throughout Canada and the United States.

Jim started his consulting career in 1985, at Cominco’s Kimberley Operations (Sullivan Mine). He is the creator of the Intellectual Property known as PASS and the registered trademark SupLex     and the founder of Positive Attitude Safety System Inc. Since then, he has given lectures to 40,000 individuals, in over a 100 operations, throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. He is regarded as an Organizational Process Specialist who assists international corporations in creating significant improvements in Safety Cultures with World Class results. 


The Positive Attitude Safety System (PASS) was developed by Jim Burns and is based on the psychological concepts of Positive Reinforcement, Intervention Therapy and Learned Helplessness.  Jim’s Implementation Approach is strongly influenced by the works of the renowned psychologist, Dr. Martin Seligman, Dr. Carl Rogers and Dr. Kurt Levin.  Since 1985, Jim and his associates have been assisting numerous operations throughout the world to implement PASS, which has benefited over 90,000 employees. This Safety process is recognized internationally by natural resource companies as a significant and necessary component of an overall Safety approach and strategy.


Jim Burns has worked with individuals and groups in counselling and consulting roles for over 40 years; he has held executive positions in Human Resource and Productivity Management roles with Canada’s largest national warehousing company and a major multinational oil company.  In addition, he was a Consultant with Kepner-Tregoe and was responsible for all their Natural Resource Business in Eastern Canada and all their  business in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  In addition to providing consulting services, he taught numerous 'problem-solving and decision-making' and 'project management' courses to hundreds of individuals.  Some of his clients were: Boeing, Petro Canada, Falconbridge, Manitoba Hydro, Atomic Energy of Canada, Suncor, etc.

Jim has provided presentations and courses to almost 40,000 individuals, in numerous countries, and is regarded as an excellent speaker. He has lectured at universities, to individuals from the shop floor to the board room and has presented numerous papers to professional organizations. He is available to provide motivational talks regarding how to avoid the trap of Learned Helplessness and the importance of Positive Attitudes in all aspects of our lives. His unusual background and his diverse experiences allow him to transfer knowledge in an exciting and motivating storytelling fashion.

Jim has been active in various communities through Rotary, has held executive positions in both union (BCGEU) and political organizations (Federal and Provincial) and has been a volunteer and director of an inner city "soup kitchen" in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With his brother Bill Burns, Jim co-authored a movie script (Home Invasions) based on a plot Jim developed. They formed a company called Emerald Sky Productions to market the script until his brother's death in 2003.


Jim has been married to Claire for over 40 years; they have three grown children; and Jim resides in Kelowna, BC, Canada, when he is not traveling extensively. Jim and Claire have been sponsors of the Materi Girls Centre located in Meru, Kenya, East Africa for over 35 years. They feel privileged to have been associated with the Centre and its director, Brother John Koczka, SC, a Brother of the Sacred Heart. In recent years, PASS Inc. has become a corporate sponsor of the Materi Girls Centre to continue their legacy.   In addition, Jim has belonged to several Rotary Clubs; was a volunteer and a director of a downtown Soup Kitchen Winnipeg, Manitoba; and, has held Executive positions in the BCGEU, and both provincial and federal political parties.


Papers Written and Presented:

  • "The Role of Continuous Improvement Regarding Safety” was Presented at CIM MEMO 2019 –  "Technical Program,"

        in October 2019 in Kamloops BC, Canada

  • Harmonizing Traditional Safety Systems with an Attitudinal Approach Creating a Positive Safety Culture of Continuous Improvement,” was presented at the 36th International Conference of Safety in Mines Research Institute (CISIRM) in October 2015 in Sudbury Ontario Canada.

  • Positive Attitude Safety System,” Mine Safety Symposium, Sydney, Australia, Sept. 1992 (not presented by Jim Burns)

  • PASS:  A Process of Positive Management for Safety,” 61st Annual Conference of Mines Accident Prevention Association of Ontario, Toronto, Canada, May 1992

  • Supervisor's Role in Safety Performance,” 22nd Annual Porcupine Safety Conference, Timmins, Canada, Oct. 1991

  • Organizationally-Induced Helplessness,” Mining Association of BC, Vancouver, Oct. 1987

  • The Role of Leadership in Unions,” British Columbia Firefighters Association,  Kimberley, Canada, May 1987

  • The People Process In Organizations,” Annual General Conference of the Psychological Association of Montana, Butte, MT, USA, Apr. 1987

  • "Organizationally Induces Helplessness" Mining Association of BC October 22, 1987

  • Survival through Positive Management,” 92nd Annual Convention of the Northwest Mining Association, Spokane, WA, USA, Dec. 1986


Books Published:

  • PASS:  Positive Attitude Safety System Process Guide;  Kelowna, BC; June 1996; ISBN 0-9696620-2-5

  • PASS:  Positive Attitude Safety System; Winnipeg, MB; September 1992; ISBN 0-9696620-0-9



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James S. Burns                                        James S. Burns
President & Safety Architect                 Chief Operating Officer & Safety Architect

Positive Attitude Safety System Inc.    PASS Consulting Services Australia Pty. Ltd.   

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Kelowna, British Columbia                    Brisbane, Queensland
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Claire is a founding director of PASS Inc. and has contributed significantly to the development and documentation of the PASS material. She is responsible for the corporate administration and provides direction to PASS Inc. external support resources.


Claire studied Anthropology for four years at the Universities of BC (Vancouver) and Victoria. She has worked on archaeological projects in BC, been involved in several museums (curatorial and managerial positions) and was a public library department head. Besides running the administrative affairs of PASS Inc., she is a director of the Kelowna & District Genealogical Society and is a genealogical researcher and educator. In addition, Claire sings with and is the Executive Director of one of BC’s foremost choirs, the Okanagan Festival Singers.


When she is not involved with PASS Inc.'s corporate affairs, singing or doing research, she enjoys working in her English cottage garden.

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Claire Burns

Director & Administrative Manager

Positive Attitude Safety System Inc.
1490 Appleridge Road
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada V1W 3A5




Since January 1995, Vic has been working with the PASS process and has implemented and established the process in numerous operations throughout the world. Vic has extensive natural resource experience with an educational background in mechanical engineering. He has worked with numerous multinational companies in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Spain, West Africa and Malaysia. Previous to purchasing the PASS Indonesia (1997); Argentina (2002); Peru and Chile (2007) geographic licenses, he was the Managing Director of PASS Australia.


He currently lives in Indonesia, speaks Indonesian and has a solid understanding of the Indonesian culture. All of the PASS material provided by Vic is in local language e.g. English, Indonesian, Spanish, and all training and coaching in the process is also done in the local language. Vic has been assisting clients to improve their Safety Culture and Safety Leadership in a wide variety of ethnic cultures and has excellent experience in implementing and establishing the PASS process in operations in remote and isolated locations. Some of his major natural resource clients are BHP Billiton, Glencore (Xstrata) and Rio Tinto.

On October 17, 2003, the Governor-General of Australia awarded Vic Seedwell the medal of the 'Order of Australia' (OAM) for his distinguished humanitarian service regarding the assistance he provided after the Bali Bombing.


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Bob Marsh
Special Advisor

Positive Attitude Safety System Inc.
1490 Appleridge Road
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada V1W 3A5



Bob was a director of PASS and he assisted in designing and implementing a variety of organizational and strategic planning initiatives at both the operational and corporate levels of PASS Inc. Bob continues to provide executive coaching to Jim Burns as an independent consultant and his advice is greatly appreciated. Holding both graduate and post-graduate degrees from the University of Victoria, he has a specific interest in personal and organizational values and how they affect attitudes, beliefs and decision-making. He has also completed a number of senior level development courses, including a ‘Leadership and Executive Training Development Program’ at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.


Prior to joining PASS, Bob held several positions in Health, Safety and Environment including Senior Vice President of Safety, Environment and Employee Relations with Western Forest Products Inc., Vice President of Health, Safety & Environment for the Washington Marine Group of companies (Seaspan), Corporate Director of Health and Safety for the 16,000 employees of the Vancouver Island Health Authority and several other leadership positions in the Safety field (in both the private and public sectors). He has owned and operated a successful management consulting company based in Vancouver, BC.


In addition to Safety roles, Bob has executive experience in: Human Resources, Labour Relations, Collective Bargaining, Media Relations and Regulatory Agency Negotiations and has successfully influenced public policy in health and safety.


His career has focused on business process optimization, developing and implementing integrated healthy workplace management systems and designing processes to facilitate cultural changes in healthcare, highway construction, forestry (harvesting and manufacturing), steel and aluminum fabrication and coastal marine transportation.


The lessons that come from over 30 years of experience in a variety of industries have been invaluable in reinforcing his approach to continuous improvement and will be an excellent fit with the PASS philosophy and System.



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Jaime Gutierrez

Positive Attitude Safety System Inc. 
Chile, Argentina, Peru & Mexico



In 2007 Jaime joined PASS as a consultant, he is fluent in both Spanish and English and has been consulting with Xstrata Zinc’s San Juan de Nieva Smelter in Asturias Spain. Jaime was first introduced to PASS when assisting Vic Seedwell during the implementation of PASS at Xstrata Copper operations Altonorte and Lomas Bayas in Northern Chile.


Jaime was born in Chile and lived and studied in Toronto, Canada. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering disciplines and worked for many years in Canada after completing his studies. In 1997 he moved back to Chile with his family and opened up his own company focusing primarily on Interpreting and translating. During this time he worked for many different companies in the North of Chile and Argentina which were mainly related to the Mining Industry, providing bilingual technical support for companies such as: Caterpillar (Finning Chile and Argentina) and assisted Finning (Chile) to implement their CPS (Caterpillar Production Process) throughout its operations.

Vic Seedwell

PASS Geographic License Owner: Indonesia, Chile, Argentina & Peru


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Peter Adamson

PASS Consulting Services Australia Pty. Ltd.
GPO Box 5057
Brisbane, Queensland

Australia 4001



Peter’s experience has been enormously diverse over the past 30 years. He has earned respect for his integrity and passion, and the values and rigour that he applies to his profession. Peter primarily works as a learning facilitator and business coach with leaders and organizations across private and government sectors in Australasia, Asia, Europe and North America through his company Adventure West. However, he has worked with people from corporations in many other countries including Japan, China, Malaysia, Libya, Albania, Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt, and Namibia.


Peter’s focus is on leadership development, risk assessment and prevention, corporate team building and team development processes, effective relationships, change management, and organizational cultures.


In 1992, Peter and Jim Burns consulted with Rio Tinto’s HIsmelt project in Perth, Western Australia. The synergy between Adventure West and the Positive Attitude Safety System was excellent and produced outstanding results for HIsmelt in both the Leadership and Safety fields.  Perhaps even more importantly, was this initial a long term friendship and strategic alliance between their companies. Both Peter and Jim have over 30 years of consulting experience and have been sharing their ideas, experiences and knowledge with each other for almost 30 years.  We are happy to have Peter become a Director of PASS Consulting Services Australia Pty. Ltd. and share his expertise in both consulting and managing small consulting companies with international, multinational clientele.


Peter not only coaches people and organizations in the minerals and petroleum business, but he has assisted people in Governments working in the various and numerous areas of government. Peter has a high level of both wilderness and industrial skills and knowledge from a wide variety of international environments and projects. Each project that Peter works with is unique with its own purpose, outcomes and processes. He entered this field of consulting from a background of community development (Kimberley, Australia) and social work. then as an educator; since then his work has taken him to many of the major industrial and mining centres in the world.